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from Vision to Reality: The Innovatily Chronicle

Charting Our Legacy in the Digital Tapestry.

At Innovatily, dreams evolve into innovations, and aspirations take form as tangible solutions. Journey with us through our milestones, beliefs, and the zest that drives us forward.

Founded in 2020, Innovatily began as a humble 2 people company in the space digital service. With unwavering determination and a clear vision, we ventured into the dynamic world of digital solutions, eager to make our mark. Today we are over 50 engineers and growing rapidly at an unprecedented pace. We are here to leave a mark and make our presence felt.


We believe in the power of ideas—big or small—and the potential they hold. Every challenge we face is a new opportunity, and with every project we undertake, we aim to push boundaries, redefine norms, and pave the way for innovative excellence.

Memories & Milestones

7 July 2020
Innovatily is born

Innovatily started when the whole world was grappling with Covid. With a skeletal idea of what we were going to do, we jumped right in.

October 2020
First Client
We are off to the races

Covid eases up and so does our business and we get started with our first client on their platform development. With a small skeletal team of 5, we are are ready for the world.

May 2021
We Expand Internationally

We expand across borders with our first parntership with Ideavat. 

Sep 2021
Shiny New Office
Building Blocks

The team expands and we grow into a new shiny space. We step into the path of growth and being cash positive.

Dec 2021
Winter is here!

GOT Much!

Aug 2023
Scaling to new heights

Though we were around the 50 mark, officially making it past this number took some effort. 

Navigating the Future

As we gaze into the horizon, our commitment remains unyielding: to innovate, inspire, and impact. The digital realm is ever-evolving, and so are we. With every challenge ahead, we see a new chapter, ready to be written in the Innovatily chronicle.


Our team is our strength—the architects of our past achievements and the promise of our future innovations. With a diverse ensemble of thinkers, creators, and visionaries, we synergize our expertise to craft solutions that resonate.

Girish Yellapragada

Founder & Director Technology

Anupama Alevoor

Co-Founder & COO

Shalini Lal

Chief People Officer

Suresh Kannan

Delivery Manager

Arun Tharakan

Vice President Of Sales

The Team: The Heartbeat of Innovatily

Krithika P

Senior Applications Engineer

Sri Chandana

QA - Manager

Girish S

Team Manager


Technical Project Manager

Geetha B

Senior Applications Engineer


Technology Lead

Naval Sharma

Technology Lead

Princy Maria

People Ops