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Case Studies

EY Talent Miner Application Development by Innovatily

Ernst & Young, a global leader in advisory and consulting services, recognized the need to revolutionize its hiring process to meet evolving market demands. EY sought to develop an innovative solution to enhance their talent acquisition, focusing on reducing hiring time, improving candidate experience, and increasing the quality of hires.

Client: Ernst & Young (EY)
Project: EY Talent Miner
Developer: Innovatily
Industry: Recruitment, Human Resources
Technologies Used: AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics

The Challenge

The primary challenges identified were:

  1. Lengthy Hiring Process: Traditional hiring methods were time-consuming, leading to delays in filling critical roles.
  2. Quality of Hire: Ensuring the alignment of candidates’ skills and organizational needs was challenging.
  3. Candidate Experience: Modernizing the recruitment process to enhance the experience for prospective employees.
  4. Data-Driven Decisions: Incorporating a robust data analytics framework to guide hiring decisions.

The Solution

Innovatily developed the EY Talent Miner, an AI-powered digital hiring solution, addressing these challenges:

  1. Automated Candidate Screening: Utilizing AI algorithms for resume screening and ranking, significantly reducing the time for initial candidate evaluations.
  2. Customized Role Profiling: Developing a dynamic system to define role-specific profiles, ensuring alignment with organizational requirements.
  3. Enhanced Candidate Engagement: Implementing chatbots and AI-driven communication tools for consistent and engaging candidate interactions.
  4. Data Analytics Integration: Embedding advanced data analytics for real-time insights on hiring processes, enabling data-backed decisions.

The Result

The EY Talent Miner application achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Reduced Time to Hire: The automated processes led to a 40% reduction in the overall hiring timeline.
  • Improved Quality of Hires: The alignment of candidate profiles with organizational needs increased by 50%.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Positive feedback from candidates increased by 60%, highlighting a more engaging and transparent hiring process.
  • Data-Driven Efficiency: The introduction of analytics led to a 30% improvement in decision-making efficiency in recruitment.

Outcome: The EY Talent Miner, developed by Innovatily, exemplifies the potential of AI in transforming traditional recruitment processes. The collaboration between EY and Innovatily has set a new benchmark in the field of digital hiring solutions, showcasing Innovatily’s expertise in leveraging technology to address complex business challenges.