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Partner Toolbox

A highly resourceful toolbox partnering app that helped our pioneering client to sell their products better and stay ahead of their competition in the surveillance solutions space.

The “Partner Toolbox” app developed for MOBOTIX is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the sales process of MOBOTIX’s products, which are primarily in the surveillance solutions space. Developed by Innovatily, this app serves as a dynamic mobile solution aimed at empowering MOBOTIX’s partners and their marketing and sales teams.

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced by Innovatily was to create an app that could effectively showcase and share customizable marketing materials. These materials were intended to aid product planners and sales personnel in demonstrating MOBOTIX’s products more effectively. The requirement was for a dynamic and versatile tool that could support the various needs of the sales and marketing teams.

The Result

The result of Innovatily’s efforts was a highly functional app that included a wide range of marketing materials. These materials encompassed brochures, vertical flyers, videos, an Image Download Center, case studies, a product catalog, and lens tables. The app’s design and functionality have been tailored to meet the demands of showcasing MOBOTIX’s products, thereby enabling partners to sell these industry-leading solutions more effectively. An important outcome of the app was the increase in revenue for MOBOTIX’s partners while keeping their advertising costs low.

Overall, the Partner Toolbox app stands as a testament to the effective collaboration between MOBOTIX and Innovatily, addressing the specific needs of marketing and sales in the highly competitive surveillance solutions market.