Bridging the Gap between Talent and Opportunity

India-based AI-driven recruitment marketplace that helps employers manage their hiring at scale. The platform also assists freelance recruiters with curated requirements.


  • Securely handling large volume of employee and employer data
  • Matching the detailed job description with candidate profiles for efficient hiring
  • Minimizing the hiring timeframe and creating a pipeline of relevant talent for screening


  • We Envisioned an AI-powered solution leveraging the Data Analytics and AI/ML technologies that would automate and enhance the hiring process, making it more efficient, effective, and economical
  • Developed an AI-powered matching algorithm to analyze job description and candidate profile to show relevant matches
  • Developed a robust platform that helped create job description, manage recruiter community, and closely track the recruitment process
  • Crafted an intuitive user interface for both recruiters and employers focusing on the ease of navigation
  • Embedded advanced data analytics for real-time insights, enabling data-backed decision-making in recruitment

Value Delivered:

  • Improved the accuracy of job and candidate matches, leading to more effective placements
  • Automated workflows reduced the time and cost of hiring
  • Insights from data analytics helped Scalekrut and its clients make more informed decisions

Navigating the recruitment landscape as a startup can be daunting. When we envisioned a platform to seamlessly connect hiring companies with top-notch recruiters, Innovatily was our first choice. Their team not only grasped our vision but elevated it. The platform they delivered is intuitive, efficient, and has bridged the gap between our company and the recruitment world. Our hiring process has transformed from a challenge into a strategic advantage. A big thank you to the Innovatily team for their innovation, dedication, and unwavering support. Any startup looking to reshape its recruitment strategy need look no further.

- Prasaanth, Founder, Scalekrut Pvt Ltd

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