Next-Gen Marketing Analytics Dashboard

A leading digital marketing agency for the home services industry in the US has an in-house platform that stands as a beacon in digital marketing. The platform tracks and collects vast marketing data from multiple sources for all their clients.


  • Vast data from multiple sources for each client making it difficult to process and derive meaningful insights
  • An additional tool over the existing platform for data assessment would require seamless integration of tools and secured access to data
  • Deriving contextual and data-driven insights from myriad of data points and data sources to improve marketing strategies


  • We Identified the need for a smarter, faster insights and proposed an AI-driven enhancement (Polaris AI) to the existing tool without the hassle of merging data with a new tool
  • Leveraged the Gen-AI framework within Polaris to harness its NLP and smart response generation capabilities
  • Analyzed marketing data and engineering prompts to generate intelligent responses
  • Used Chat GPT’s AI Model to provide accurate and contextual responses
  • Ensured accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness through rigorous testing and refinement of the AI engine
  • Deployed Polaris AI seamlessly within Polaris platform, ensuring smooth integration and user accessibility

Value Delivered:

  • Data-driven responses to queries, enhancing user understanding and decision-making
  • Real-time insights enabled faster implementation of marketing strategy
  • Improved platform experience for Marketeers driving more meaningful engagements

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