Transforming Automotive Retail With a Modern Dealer Management System  

One of the leading multinational automobile manufacturers was seeking to develop a comprehensive dealer management system to address some of the challenges in inventory management and performance tracking. The client was looking for a single source of management tool to manage inventory, track dealer performance, and provide necessary resources to the dealers to achieve sales effectiveness.


  • Creating a single dashboard that served varied purposes for the client from inventory management to performance tracking to training & support 
  • Integrating disparate systems to fetch data from various sources and systems 
  • The system had to be enabled with role-based user access to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements 
  • Intuitive design and varied control to be facilitated to ensure the client can customize and manage the user access as well as the view of the dashboard 
  • Provision reporting and analytics as part of the tool to drive performance tracking of dealers based on various filters including region, dealer type, service category and more 


  • We developed a comprehensive dashboard for the client that was capable of fetching details from multiple dealers and databases 
  • Well-thought interface that enabled ease of use to different functions like inventory management, finance, marketing and more to drive overall operational efficiency 
  • Integrated technologies like Transport Encryption, Personal Identifiable Information Encryption, and SSO to ensure data security and compliance 

Value delivered: 

  • On-boarded over 110 dealers, delivering a single point access to all dealer activities 
  • Reduced the need to log-in to separate solutions to manage inventory, create point of sale invoices, view service history or follow-up on leads, thus improving the operational efficiency 
  • The dashboard was designed to scale, enabling addition of dealers at ease, giving a simple, easy-to-understand view of all activities 

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