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Transforming Automotive Retail With a Modern Dealer Management System  

One of the leading multinational automobile manufacturers was seeking to develop a comprehensive dealer management system to address some of the challenges in inventory management and performance tracking.

Bridging the Gap between Talent and Opportunity

India-based AI-driven recruitment marketplace that helps employers manage their hiring at scale. The platform also assists freelance recruiters with curated requirements.

Empowering Strategic Decisions through Comprehensive Data Integration

A leading digital marketing agency for the home services industry in the US has an in-house platform that stands as a beacon in digital marketing. The platform tracks and collects vast marketing data from multiple sources for all their clients.

Strategic Recruitment Reinvented: An AI-Powered Hiring Success

In response to evolving market demands, a global leader in advisory and consulting services, recognized the imperative to modernize its hiring process. This case study outlines the challenges faced and the transformative solution implemented to enhance talent acquisition, focusing on reducing hiring time, improving the quality of hires, and elevating the candidate experience.

Innovative Partner Enablement Solution to Optimize Product Sales

As a global pioneer in innovative surveillance solutions, our client aimed to maintain a competitive edge by developing a partner enablement solution to optimize product sales.

Elevated Retail Experience through Location-based eCommerce

One of the largest retail brands wanted to create a location-based e-commerce mobile application, providing users with the ability to purchase and access the best offers at their fingertips.

A Flexible Interface for Medical Equipment Showcase

Our team worked with one of the leading medical and precision instruments manufacturing companies to seamlessly integrate the content management component with the mobile interface. We developed a strategic initiative to offer a modern solution that could adapt to the dynamic product hierarchy configurations required by the client.

A Comprehensive Retail Dashboard Redefining Success Metrics

The client, a prominent retail audit and census company in the US, aimed to analyze and deliver holistic performance metrics, including price compliance, product freshness, and customer experience. The objective was to develop a powerful and comprehensive dashboard for audit, census, and performance tracking metrics for a consumer product.

Empowered Operational Excellence through a Strategic Dashboard

One of the top American multinational consumer goods corporations was specifically targeting its vast Chinese market. The client sought to develop a robust dashboard providing insights into manpower, products, sales, stocks, and outlet performance.

Transforming Sports Management with a SaaS-Based Multi-Sport Platform

The objective of this project was to build a multi-layered, round-the-clock club management system application for a fast-growing US-based sports management company, with a current focus on volleyball.

Redefined Luxury for an Artisanal Handbags Manufacturer

An artisanal handbag manufacturer was looking to develop a mobile application that serves as a reminder for users about the items they intend to carry in their artisanal luxury handbag and deliver a truly luxurious experience.

Delivered an Immersive Experience Through the Touch of a Screen

An international Opthalmic optics manufacturing company based in France, is the world’s largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. The client wanted to redesign a mobile application at an optimal cost.