Redefined Luxury for an Artisanal Handbags Manufacturer

An artisanal handbag manufacturer was looking to develop a mobile application that serves as a reminder for users about the items they intend to carry in their artisanal luxury handbag and deliver a truly luxurious experience.


  • The client, a manufacturer of artisanal fashion bags with themes on nature and Indian artistry, sought a unique solution for their flagship product—an interactive bag.
  • The challenge was to create a powerful and secure mobile application allowing users to organize and ensure they carry the intended items for specific occasions.


  • Our approach began with assessing the feasibility of the unique and smart bag idea
  • We chose the most feasible technology, leveraging BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to enable communication between the bag’s contents and the smartphone
  • The solution included features like bag locking/unlocking through the app, an integrated eCommerce platform, event calendar/planner creation, instant notifications for missing items
  • We ensured the application had low energy consumption and data encryption for security

Value Delivered:

  • The implementation of our innovative solution resulted in the creation of a highly utilitarian product
  • The client successfully differentiated themselves in the market, offering end users a multi-utility experience
  • This unique approach set a high standard in the industry, providing the client with a significant competitive advantage, and contributing to better business outcomes

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