A Flexible Interface for Medical Equipment Showcase

Our team worked with one of the leading medical and precision instruments manufacturing companies to seamlessly integrate the content management component with the mobile interface. We developed a strategic initiative to offer a modern solution that could adapt to the dynamic product hierarchy configurations required by the client.


  • The client sought a contemporary application that would not only present their medical and precision equipment with a rich user interface but also allow for easy reordering of the product hierarchy
  • Additionally, the application had to facilitate efficient event management, from creation to recording customer visits at stalls during events


  • Leveraging our expertise in e-detailing, we meticulously designed a comprehensive topography to highlight products interactively, ensuring sales representatives were well-informed about the optimal utilization of marketing content.
  • Our proposed solution was a cloud-based application built on the MEAN stack, providing high configurability for product hierarchy adjustments and seamless integration with the Salesforce application for efficient customer data synchronization.
  • The delivered solution exhibited flexibility and agility, accommodating changes in the hierarchy structure, and displaying nodes dynamically.
  • As an alternative, our flagship product, BuildDeck, offered a comprehensive e-detailing experience, combining sales, marketing, CRM, and analytics to optimize efficiency

Value Delivered:

  • The implementation of our solution yielded transformative results for the client.
  • The product hierarchy structure became more streamlined and flexible, thanks to the configurability and adaptability of the solution.
  • Reusable UI components enhanced consistency, contributing to an improved overall user experience.
  • The solution facilitated efficient document, image, video, and collateral management, enabling seamless sharing within the sales team.
  • Ultimately, the enhanced engagement through rich e-detailing significantly elevated the overall user experience, while simultaneously reducing operational overhead and effort.

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