Innovative Partner Enablement Solution to Optimize Product Sales

As a global pioneer in innovative surveillance solutions, our client aimed to maintain a competitive edge by developing a partner enablement solution to optimize product sales.


The primary challenge centered on the creation of an app capable of effectively showcasing and sharing customizable marketing materials. This tool needed to support product planners and sales personnel in the dynamic field of surveillance solutions, requiring versatility to meet the needs of sales, marketing and partner teams.


As part of our collaboration, we developed a highly resourceful Partner Toolbox app, a comprehensive mobile solution tailored to enhance the sales process for our client’s surveillance products. This dynamic tool empowered partners, marketing teams, and sales personnel alike, ensuring effective demonstrations of industry-leading solutions.

Value Delivered:

The “Partner Toolbox” app emerged as a highly functional solution housing a diverse range of marketing materials, including brochures, vertical flyers, videos, an Image Download Center, case studies, a product catalog, and lens tables. The app’s design and functionality were meticulously crafted to meet the demands of showcasing products, leading to more effective sales by partners. The outcome included a notable increase in revenue for the client’s partners, all while maintaining low advertising costs. This success underscores the app’s role in elevating sales excellence within the surveillance solutions space.

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